ALM Verðbréf

Um fjármál og fagmennsku


Consulting services

  • Consultation, support and second opinion when dealing with banks
    • Independent opinion on advice and research
    • Independent opinion on conditions and pricing of financial instruments
  • Consultation on risk control and management, including:
    • Market risk
    • Liquidity risk
    • Counterparty risk
    • Systems & procedures risk
    • Legal (e.g. documentation) risk

Risk management and control

  • Independent control of risk as a support to senior management
    • Auditing of risk management setup and procedures
    • Regular independent verification of risk reports
  • Passive management of risk as a consulting service to management
    • Monitoring and regular reporting of risk
    • Regular consulting and advice on portfolio (liabilities and assets) risk management
  • Active management of risk via an outsourcing agreement
    • ALM manages particular aspects of risk, e.g. fx and rates risk, within a clearly defined strategy and framework for actions

Asset management

  • Definition and implementation of investment policies
    • Risk/return profile
    • Investement instruments and portfolio composition
    • Risk and control measures
    • Reports to management, auditors and authorities
  • Active or passive management of assets and/or liabilities
  • Investment management for funds

Corporate finance

  • Identification of opportunities in the Icelandic market
    • Acquisition & merger opportunities
    • Financing
    • Opportunities, research and due diligence in the corporate bond market
    • Identification and introduction of local partners for transactions
    • Local market analysis (macroeconomic, fx, bonds, rates and equities)
  • Research and due diligence on target companies